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Alternative Health Treatments

A Unique Approach

Medicinal Herbs
Health Shake
Cupping Therapy

Supplements and Herbal Remedies

Western and Chinese herbal and supplement recommendations based on your unique needs.

Diet Counseling

 Nutrition plays a vital role in disease treatment and prevention. We offer custom diet plans for various ailments specifically designed to meet your personal goals.


This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.


Fire cupping is a Chinese medical modality using glass cups to create suction in specific body areas to increase blood flow.

Blood Test
Herbal Oils
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Functional Lab Testing

Functional lab testing takes a deeper dive into your health by observing the current state of your body through metabolism, hormones, immune system, genetics, and more. It provides data you won't normally find with conventional medicine.

Naso Sympatico

Naso-sympatico is a longstanding treatment for sinus congestion and sinus headaches.  It involves the painless placement of long cotton-tipped applicators  saturated with essential oils into the nose and rested upon various nasal concha. 

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a traditional technique that involves light scraping of the skin with a porcelain.  This can reduce muscle tension and alleviate pain.


Homeopathy uses micro doses of natural substances to treat the body holistically.  Homeopathy can be used in conjucntion with acupuncture and other herbal supplements as well as pharmaceuticals.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape can give injured or sore joints added support to allow them to heal quickly.

Auricular Therapy

Used in conjunction with acupuncture, auricular therapy or ear acupuncture stimulates specific acupuncture points on the ear for long periods of time (up to 1 week) to extend the benefits of acupuncture treatments.

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Microneedling  can smooth skin texture and reduce appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. It boosts collagen production to make skin look fuller and firmer for a glowing complexion.

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